What To Do When Your Loved One Dies
The ‘What To Do When Your Loved One Dies’ brochure gives information on things that may need to be considered following the death of a close family member.

Outline of Involuntary Commitments
The ‘Outline of Involuntary Commitments’ brochure gives brief details on emergency evaluations and outpatient commitment in relation to proceedings that involve individuals that suffer from mental illness or substance abuse issues.

Layman’s Checklist for a Will
The ‘Layman’s Checklist for a Will’ brochure gives detailed information on considerations upon drafting a Will. The Court encourages anyone who is considering composing a Will to consult with an attorney.

Duties of the Probate Court
The ‘Duties of the Probate Court’ brochure sets out some of the proceedings that occur in the Probate Courts in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Probate Proceedings
The ‘Georgia Probate Proceedings’ brochure gives information on probating an estate. If you have questions as to which procedure is appropriate in an individual case, the Court encourages consulting with an attorney. Once you have determined which form you need, you may download it at

Filing Your Claim Against an Estate
The ‘Filing Your Claim Against an Estate’ brochure gives generic information about the process of making a claim against an estate. Creditors are encouraged to seek legal advice for any questions related to their claims.

Guardians & Conservatorship in Georgia
The ‘Guardians & Conservatorship in Georgia’ brochure gives brief information on guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in Georgia. If you have questions about an individual case, the Court encourages consulting with an attorney.