Programs & Projects

School Based Risk Reduction Program (SBBRP)

In an effort to provide community intervention early on for children who are at high risk of becoming delinquent, unruly, or deprived, Troup County Juvenile Court developed and implemented the School Based Risk Reduction Program (SBRRP). Our purpose is to bring community resources together to support children who are struggling in school.

Elementary school principals and counselors refer children to the juvenile court for SBRRP review and planning. Appropriate referrals are elementary school students in the Troup County School System who have significant attendance, academic, or behavioral problems. After school personnel have exhausted all reasonable efforts to make improvements by working with the child and parent without success, the school has the parent sign a release of information and the SBRRP referral is made.

The SBRRP administrator schedules all cases referred for the monthly meeting and contacts all involved parties including the parents, to notify them of the meeting. The panel members are representatives from Juvenile Court, Department of Family and Children Services, Mental Health, Twin Cedars, and Troup County School System. At the monthly meeting we discuss each case individually and create a written plan with the input of the referral source, parent and panel members. The plans are designed to address the needs of the child. All responsible parties sign this plan. If progress is not made under the plan, the referral source brings the case back to SBRRP. At this point the plan may be revised or the committee may make other recommendations, such as filing an educational deprivation petition through the Juvenile Court.

Troup County Trauma Responsive Community Project

Vision: For a community whose members work together to minimize trauma and the effects of trauma experienced by its children, adults, and families.

Mission: Troup County agencies, citizens and community stakeholders will work together to detect, respond to and prevent trauma exposures of its children, adults and families, and to minimize and mitigate the impact of such experiences by meeting the needs of those affected by trauma in timely, appropriate and effective ways.

Definition of Trauma: For the purpose of the Troup County Trauma Project, trauma is defined as, “Witnessing or experiencing an event or series of events that pose a real or perceived threat to the life or well-being of a person.”

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