Juvenile Court

The Troup County Juvenile Court is an independent juvenile court organized under Chapter 11 of Title 15 of the Official Code of Georgia. The court is dedicated to serving residents of Troup County by hearing cases that involve any child under the age of 17 alleged to have committed a delinquent or unruly act and any child under the age of 18 alleged to be deprived. There are certain offenses that Georgia law requires to be handled exclusively by Superior Court.

The Troup County Juvenile Court Judge hears all cases that come under its jurisdiction. This includes the arraignment, adjudication, and disposition hearings in matters of delinquency, unruliness, deprivation, and traffic. As well as detention hearings to determine whether or not a child must remain in a detention facility pending further court action. In addition to these types of cases the Juvenile Court Judge hears a variety of special proceedings cases to include termination of parental rights cases.

If after adjudication, a child is found to be in need of treatment, rehabilitation, or supervision to safely remain in the community, the court will provide access to appropriate programs whenever feasible.