Tai Chi

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is an effective exercise for a healthy mind and body. The basics are safe and easy to learn. Tai Chi is gentle, specifically focusing on fluid, circular movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo. If you have difficulty standing, Tai Chi can be done sitting in a chair. Health benefits include increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved body posture and balance, and increased energy. Many seniors have even found relief from symptoms of arthritis and other chronic ailments after beginning Tai Chi.

Tai Chi – Beginner level class is offered every Thursday morning at 8:30AM in the Wellness Center. Tai Chi – Intermediate level class is offered every Tuesday at 11:45AM in the Wellness Center. There is a cost for Intermediate level.

To find out more information regarding the Beginner level class, please contact the Active Life at +706 883 1681.

To find out more information regarding the Intermediate level class, please contact Lynn Norris at +706 596 0155.