Map Services & Rates

At the present time the County has various digital GIS data available for purchase in ESRI-Shapefile/TIF format as well as hard copy maps. The digital files, includes but are not limited to:

  • High quality digital orthophotography (aerials) with 4” resolution
     - Acquired in February 2020
  • Topography using 2’ contours - Acquired in February 2009
  • Planimetrics (roads, hydrology, and more)
  • Parcels lines & CAMA data

Printed maps of the entire county or specific locations are available. Custom map products are available upon request.

The following form provides rates for printed maps as well as digitial deliverables, Map Services & Rates Form . Digital data may be purchased as a county-wide data set or by the tile.

The requester must sign a data agreement form before obtaining the digital deliverables, Map Services Data Agreement Form .

The GIS Staff maintains several interactive mapping applications serving a variety of purposes for the residents and business community of Troup County. The following links are available at no costs:

Disclaimer: The GIS staff is constantly improving the quality of the mapping products and services. And cannot guarantee that all information is current or accurate. Please send any feedback and/or corrections to