Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning
Troup County Government Center
100 Ridley Avenue, First Floor, Suite 1300
LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: 706-883-1650
Fax: 706-883-1653
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The citizens of Troup County participated through numerous public meetings to create and implement smart growth initiatives, comprehensive planning principles, and development standards for unincorporated Troup County.  These initiatives are outlined in Troup County’s new Comprehensive Plan, a document that lays out the “big picture” principles and goals that help elected and appointed officials develop policies and practices to guide growth in a manner designed to achieve the community’s growth and development goals.  In addition, many of these principles have evolved into specific regulations outlined in the county’s Zoning Ordinance, another document utilized by the County.
These two documents, along with associated land use maps, are the primary tools that the Troup County Planning and Zoning department uses to achieve the principles and goals voiced by the citizens of Troup County.  Using these documents—and the guiding principles and goals they reflect—the Planning and Zoning Department works with citizens, businesses and developers throughout unincorporated Troup County to ensure smart growth. Working with the combined Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission, the Planning and Zoning Department:

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  • Accepts and reviews various applications, site plans, etc., for compliance with Troup County Ordinances
  • Maintains records of issued certificates and land use permits
  • Inspects applicable sites to ensure complete review of applications
  • Prepares various reports, packages, and presentations for Board of Zoning Appeals/Planning Commission (BZA/PC), Troup County Board of Commissioners, and public meetings
  • Communicates the appropriate process and review with all interested parties
  • Maintains minutes to record the deliberations and decisions of the BZA/PC and makes sure applications, correspondence and records reflect respective boards’ decisions
  • Maintains, updates and implements Troup County’s Comprehensive Plan by promoting and participating in various projects to further the stated goals and objectives
  • Along with the Department of Engineering, maintains, updates and implements the Joint Troup County Multi-Modal Transportation plan
  • Coordinates with officials in Troup County’s cities of LaGrange, West Point and Hogansville, maintaining communication to facilitate understanding of common goals
  • Participates in coordination of Census
  • Assists other County departments and jurisdictions in preparing grant applications
  • Communicates with regional and state agencies to accomplish inter-jurisdictional review of projects and plans and to coordinate review of regional land use and transportation planning goals, including review of the Developments of Regional Impact under the thresholds for metropolitan areas

For your convenience, most applications are available for download. Applications are in Adobe pdf format.  Download the free Reader® by clicking here.  If you have any questions about these forms or the application process, please call (706) 883-1650 for additional information. Most of these applications require information like parcel numbers, zoning districts, etc. You can verify the subject property and find parcel numbers and other helpful information at Find related definitions and descriptions here.

Manufactured Home Placement
Opposition Contribution Disclosure
Quality Development Corridor (QDC)
Rezoning Application
Special or Conditional Use Application
Subdivision Review

For more information on operations of the Planning and Zoning Department, visit the following links.

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Ordinances and Development Standards
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Code of Ordinances/Municipal Code
Impact Fee Ordinance
Quality Development Corridor Overlay
Subdivisions Regulations
Zoning Map

Plans and Studies
Capital Improvement Elements (for Impact Fee Projects)
Character Area Map
Multi-Modal Transportation Plan
Troup County Comprehensive Plan
Troup County Data Assessment Technical Addendum

Helpful Documents
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Address Display Standards - Non-Residential
Development & Design Standards - Residential
Development & Design Standards - Non-Residential
Doing Business in Troup County, Georgia
Redevelopment Districts Study & Analysis
Troup County Road Functional Class Map

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