Information Technology

Information Technology
Troup County Government Center
100 Ridley Avenue, Third Floor
LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: (706) 883-1715
Fax: (706) 883-1645
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Manager: Jason Cadenhead
Webmaster: Nicky Nix

The Department of Information Technology is a bustling hub of communications that connects County departments with each other and with residents throughout Troup County.

Located on the third floor of the Troup County Government Center, the IT Department provides technical support and maintenance for communications services to all County departments and handles telephone support and maintenance at the Government Center.  Ample computer support includes Web programming, Internet Service, computer help desk, and maintenance of servers, printers and all other computer components.

Since moving into new facilities at the Government Center in 2005, Troup County has contracted with the City of LaGrange for IT services.  With increased attention on information services, Troup County has brought all its departments under a common network with Internet services provided by the City.

An enhanced Web presence allows Troup residents the convenience of conducting various County business online, including paying taxes, registering for Parks and Recreation activities, checking court calendars and more. The enhanced system also links County employees via an interoffice email system.

Troup County’s Web site,, provides pertinent information about each department and all County services along with valuable community news. Six fulltime employees dedicate their services to maintaining the County’s extensive information network.

Information Technology Manager Jason Cadenhead oversees work of the County’s IT Department. Jason graduated from LaGrange College with a bachelors of arts in computer science and is employed by the City of LaGrange as Information Manager. Under contract with Troup County, he heads the County’s IT Department.

Technician/Webmaster Nicky Nix provides maintenance and repair for the County’s information network and maintains the Troup County Web site. Nicky earned her bachelors of arts in computer science at LaGrange College and a Masters of Science degree in computer science at Columbus State University with a concentration in software development.

For more information, visit the City of LaGrange website:

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