Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court
D.U.I./Drug Court

Troup County Government Center
100 Ridley Avenue, 3rd Floor, Suite 3400
LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Phone: 706-883-2170
Fax: 706-883-2169
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

D.U.I. Drug Court Coordinator: Scott Smith

State Court Judge: Honorable Judge Jeannette Little

Welcome to the home page of the Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court. The Coordinator’s office is located on the third floor, Court Services office, in the Troup County Government Center in downtown LaGrange, Georgia.

If you require information about the D.U.I. / Drug Court, please
do not hesitate to call our office. Our office is open each weekday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. 

Lafayette Square, Downtown
LaGrange, Georgia

About Us

The Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court is a 12 month post adjudication program. This program handles non-violent misdemeanor substance abuse cases through intensive supervision, drug treatment and rehabilitation. A rigorous program that holds its participants fully accountable for their own acts, the Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court requires great commitment from its participants to attend frequent meetings, court appointments and routine alcohol and drug testing.

The Troup County DUI Drug Court Program consists of three phases designed to ensure that each participant receives the right amount and type of treatment throughout his or her recovery path. The first twenty weeks include a minimum of 55 to 65 hours of group and individual work. The focus of this level of intervention is to aid the participant in establishing a sound knowledge base pertaining to substance use disorders, self-diagnosis, treatment approaches, and both early and intermediate relapse prevention. The next twenty weeks include the second level of treatment which focus on supplementary work in advanced topics related to substance use disorders and advanced relapse prevention strategies. The third level of treatment takes on an “aftercare approach” and last for twelve weeks. During this phase, treatment becomes less intensive allowing the client to become more responsible, understanding and independent in the community.

Funding for the Troup County DUI / Drug Court is provided by the participant fees, grants provided by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia and support from the Troup County Board of Commissioners.

Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court Mission Statement

The mission of the Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court is to promote a safer community by identifying substance abusing offenders to help them successfully complete a judicially supervised, treatment program. The goal is to help the offender break the chains of abuse which will result in an improved quality of life for both the offender and his or her family and will also result in a reduction in crime and recidivism in the courts.

Goals of the Troup County D.U.I. / Drug Court

  • Assist the participant with their recovery from drugs and / or alcohol.
  • Produce productive citizens.
  • Provide drug and alcohol counseling.
  • Monitor the participant by random drug and alcohol testing.
  • Relieve overcrowding and medical cost for the Troup County law enforcement agencies.
  • Collect fines and fees for the courts.
  • Assist the participant with obtaining their driver’s license, employment, and continuing educational needs.
  • Give the participant the tools to help with a drug free life.

Troup County D.U.I. Court Team

Jeannette Little, D.U.I./ Drug Court Judge : State Court Judge

D.U.I./ Drug Court Coordinator : State Court of Troup County

Sharon Woodruff, Probation Officer : Judicial Correction Services, Inc.

Shannon Dunlap, MS, LPC Treatment Provider : Counseling Services, Inc.

Kelly Veal, Treatment Provider : Counseling Services, Inc.

Troup County D.U.I./ Drug Court Helpful Information and/or Links

D.U.I./Drug Court Calendars

D.U.I./Drug Court Handbook
2011 Handbook

D.U.I./Drug Court Press Releases
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DUI Grant September 11, 2010 - Offenders get choice through DUI/drug court (pdf)

DUI Grant September 30, 2010 - Troup County drug court gives participants a new lease on life (pdf)

DUI Grant January 18, 2013 - DUI/Drug Court receives grant (pdf)

D.U.I./Drug Court Participant Information
Participant Address Change Form (doc)

Participant Leave Request Form (pdf)

Community Service Locations
Troup County (pdf)
West Point (pdf)

Self Help Locations
Faith-Based Selp Help Options (pdf)

Risk Reduction Programs / Evaluations / DUI Schools Information
Troup County (pdf)

Community Seminars
Career Development Seminar 2011 (pdf)

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