Troup County Court Administration / Court Services

Troup County Court Administration / Court Services
Troup County Government Center
100 Ridley Avenue, Third Floor, Suite 3400
LaGrange, GA 30241

Phone: (706) 883-2170
Fax: (706) 883-2169

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Troup County Court Administration (Court Services Dept.) provides assistance to the Judges of the Superior, State and Magistrate Courts of Troup County as required and oversees court programs and services, such as courtroom
scheduling, court-appointed attorneys for indigent defendants in misdemeanor cases, the DUI/Drug Court, interpreters, jury information, the law library, mediation/ADR program for the Coweta Judicial Circuit.

The Court Administrator’s office is located in the Troup County Government Center, Suite 3400, 100 Ridley Ave., LaGrange, GA 30240. Please feel free to contact this office with questions or if you need assistance regarding the services listed above: 706-883-2170.

Interpreters for Court

Foreign language interpreters are sometimes needed in court proceedings when a party is unable to speak and/or understand the English language. When it becomes evident that a party or witness in a legal proceeding requires the services of an interpreter, the Courts utilize the services of either Ga. registered or certified court interpreters. Interpreters are independent contractors paid by the hour to interpret for non-English speaking parties in court proceedings. The interpreter must maintain impartiality, accuracy, and a professional demeanor.

Should you need an interpreter for a court proceeding, please feel free to contact Troup County Court Services at 706-883-2170 for information.

For information on how to become a registered or certified court interpreter in Georgia, please go to:

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Mediation / ADR Program

In 1992, the City of LaGrange in Troup County started one of the first pilot mediation programs in Georgia. It continues today and now provides mediation services for the five counties of the Coweta Judicial Circuit including Troup, Heard, Meriwether, Coweta and Carroll counties. Mediation is available in the Superior, State, Magistrate, Juvenile and Probate Courts in the Coweta Judicial Circuit. There is a standing order in the Superior Courts of the Coweta Judicial Circuit, requiring all civil and domestic cases to be mediated within 150 days of filing of the case (see standing orders on Clerk of Court’s website); other cases are referred on a case by case basis by either the parties, attorneys, or Judges of the Circuit.

Office Locations:
Troup County:
Troup County Mediation Center
100 Ridley Avenue, Suite 2500
LaGrange, GA 30240
Phone: (706) 883-2168/2170
Fax: (706) 883-2169

What is mediation?
Mediation is an informal way for parties to solve their disputes. In mediation, the parties sit down with a mediator (a neutral third party) in a private setting. The mediator doesn’t make decisions about the case or impose solutions on the parties, but instead tries to get the parties to focus on their needs and interests rather than their positions and come up with their own solutions to the dispute. The parties may be ordered to attend mediation, but any settlement they reach is entirely voluntary. If the parties do not reach an agreement in mediation, they retain their right to take the case before a judge or jury.

Scheduling Mediation:
Cases are referred to mediation by submittal of the “initiation form” to the Mediation/ADR Office. Please see “Abbreviated Procedures and Policies” below.

For further information regarding Mediation and ADR Programs in Georgia, go to

Pdf files:
Abbreviated program procedures and policies
Guidelines for Mediation
How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation
Domestic Relations Screening Form (DRSF)
Domestic Relations ADR Initiation Form (DRIF)
General Civil ADR Initiation Form (GCIF)
List of Program Mediators (Contact ADR Program for current list of members)

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Court Appointed Attorneys / Public Defender


Troup County Office of the Circuit Public Defender
2508 Hamilton Road
LaGrange, GA 30241
Phone: 706-883-3000
Fax: 706-883-3004

Directions to the Office:
The office of the Circuit Public Defender is at 2508 Hamilton Road, LaGrange, Georgia (formerly, the Correctional Institute).

How to apply for court-appointed attorney:
Please come to the office of the Circuit Public Defender to complete an application form (see form below) to apply for a court-appointed attorney. There is no longer an application fee. Please bring proof of income when you come to apply. Please read “Client Responsibilities” below to understand what will be required if the Court appoints a public defender to represent you in your felony case.

For additional information, please refer to the Ga. Public Defender Standards Council website:

Pdf files:
Application Form
English and Spanish Version
Notice of Application Fee
Motion for Application Fee Waiver
Client Responsibility Form


Troup County Public Defender's Offuce
100 Ridley Avenue, Second Floor, Suite 2501
LaGrange, GA 30240
Phone: 706-298-2701
Fax: 706-298-2702

Directions to the Office:
The Troup County Public Defender's Office is located in the Troup County Government Center in downtown LaGrange, Georgia. The office is on the second floor of the building; parking is available in the parking deck adjacent to the Government Center.

How to apply for court-appointed attorney:
Please complete an Application Form (see form below) to apply for a court appointed attorney. After completing application please submit form to the Gail Foster, Legal Secretary of the Public Defender's Office. You must bring with you a $50 money order (exact amount please) for the application fee. This is a non-refundable fee; this means that if the applicant does not qualify to have the Court appoint an attorney, then the application fee will not be returned (see Notice of Application Fee below). You must also bring proof of income (copy of most recent pay check or notarized statement from employer). If unemployed, provide notice of separation, copy of last tax return and/or unemployment benefits statement. If you are self-employed, a copy of the last tax return must be provided. If you are receiving government assistance of any type (welfare, social security, disability, etc), please bring a copy of the latest check stub or paperwork showing your monthly benefits. You must also bring a valid GA I.D. (Driver’s License). If you have questions about what to bring, please call 706-883-2701.

Pdf files:
Application Form
Notice of Application Fee

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Jury Information

General Information for Troup County Grand and Trial Jurors
Jury service is a vital function of democracy. While it may require some adjustment to your normal schedule and routine, the Judges of the Superior and State Court hope that any inconvenience will be minimal and they thank you in advance for your service.

Your duty as a trial juror is generally for one week or less; however, if you are selected on a jury, your will be required to return until the trial is complete. Grand jurors typically complete their work in two to three days, but may be required to serve longer under special circumstances.

Please dress appropriately for court (shorts, miniskirts, tee shirts and tank tops are inappropriate attire).

The following information should answer many questions concerning jury service in Troup County; however, if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Court Administrator at 706-883-2171 or the Clerk of Court at 706-883-1740.

Where to Report
All jurors for Troup County Superior and State Courts are to report to the first floor Jury Assembly Room at the Troup County Government Center located at 100 Ridley Avenue, LaGrange, Georgia. The summons for jury duty will indicate the date and time to report.

Directions to Government Center
The Troup County Government Center, 100 Ridley Avenue, is located in downtown LaGrange, Georgia occupying one block adjacent to the City Square. If you have been summoned for jury duty, please park in the public parking deck which you may enter from Ridley Avenue (the parking entrance is marked and is between the Government Center and the old courthouse which now houses Juvenile Court). After parking in the deck, proceed to the plaza entrance and go to the first floor jury assembly room. Court bailiffs will be there at the registration desk to assist you.

Jury Call-In Number
The jury call in number is 706-883-2167. This number is used to make special juror announcements when necessary or provide instructions to jurors during their jury duty service.

If you have received a summons, please call this number the night before you are to report for jury duty to see if there are any special instructions. Failure to call may cause you to miss important changes in reporting information.

Pay For Jury Duty
Jurors are paid $35 per reporting day for jury duty. If jurors are told to be “on call” and do not report on a particular day, they are not paid for that day.

Deferrals From Jury Duty
Jurors may be deferred (postponed) to another time to perform jury duty if serving when initially called would be a hardship. If you wish to be deferred due to a hardship, please contact the Clerk of Court at 706-883-1740 to discuss.

If you are a caregiver of a child under the age of six years with no other reasonably available alternative child care, you may complete an affidavit to either be deferred or excused from jury duty. Please complete the child care affidavit and return it to the Clerk of Court. Troup County Government Center, 100 Ridley Avenue, 1st Floor, LaGrange, Georgia 30240.

Exceptions From Jury Duty
Georgia law allows exemptions from jury service for permanently mentally or physically disabled persons and for persons age 70 or older who do not wish to serve. If you are requesting an exemption from jury service due to a mental or physical disability, please have your doctor complete the medical affidavit and return it to the Clerk of Court, Troup County Government Center, 100 Ridley Avenue, 1st Floor, LaGrange, GA 30240. If you are requesting an exemption because you are age 70 or older, please complete the affidavit for persons age 70 or older and return it to the Clerk of Court.

Disqualification from Jury Duty
You are disqualified from jury service if you are under the age of 18, a non-resident of Troup County, or a convicted felon who has not had his/her rights restored. If any of these apply to you and you have received a jury summons, please contact the Clerk of Court at 706-883-1740 or the Court Administrator at 706-883-2171.
v Questions About Jury Duty
If you have any other questions or concerns about jury duty which are not addressed above, please feel free to contact the Court Administrator at 706-883-2171 or the Clerk of Court at 706-883-1740. We will be happy to assist you with your concerns.

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Probation Offices

Adult Probation – Ga. Dept. of Corrections
206 Rear Ridley Avenue
LaGrange, GA 30240
Phone: (706) 845-4125

Judicial Correction Services of Troup County
209 Ridley Avenue
LaGrange, GA 30240
Phone: (706) 884-6700

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Divorcing Parent's Seminar / Parenting Workshop

Seminar Information
The Divorcing Parent’s Seminar/Parenting Workshop is a four-hour court-ordered seminar for parents of children under the age of 18 who have filed domestic (divorce) actions in the Superior Courts of the Coweta Judicial Circuit. The focus of the seminar is to provide parents with information on how the divorce process affects children, the developmental stages of children, communication skills, and ways of identifying when a child may need help in dealing with the divorce. The course is conducted by a professional counselor. Parties to divorce actions involving children under the age of 18 filed in the Coweta Judicial Circuit must attend the seminar/workshop within 31 days of filing the action and prior to attending mediation if children’s issues are to be mediated.

The cost of the four-hour workshop/seminar is $35. The seminar/workshop is offered in Troup County one times per month on a Saturday from 9:00 – 1:00 p.m.

For further information, please all Troup County Court Services, 706-883-2168/2170.

How to Register for the Seminar
(doc: Navigating Family Change-A Parenting Workshop)
*Note: The Parenting Workshop has been canceled for Saturday (9/15/2018), no partcipants registered. The next class will be 10/20/2018 from 9am - 1pm.

Location - the seminar/workshop is held at the:
Troup County Government Center
Jury Assembly Room, 1st Floor
100 Ridley Avenue
LaGrange, Georgia
(Note: Parking is available in the Government Center Parking Deck)

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Law Library

General Information about the Troup County Law Library
The Troup County Law Library is available for use by the public. It contains a limited collection of hard copy law books and has access to a computer for use of an on-line legal research tool (Westlaw). Court Services’ staff members are not able to provide legal advice or assistance with legal research in the law library.

Location and Hours
The Troup County Law Library is located on the 3rd Floor of the Troup County Government Center in the Court Services’ office. It is available for use by the public during normal business hours which are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is closed on legal holidays.

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