Building, Planning and Zoning


The Building division of Troup County’s Building, Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for issuing permits for businesses, new home construction, structure repairs and alterations, driveway construction, and state-required erosion and sedimentation control.  The Building division also conducts inspections related to the proper construction and maintenance of buildings in Troup County in order to ensure public safety, health and general welfare. For more, click here.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning divisions interact with citizens, businesses and developers to create and implement smart growth initiatives, comprehensive planning principles, and development standards throughout unincorporated Troup County.  These divisions are responsible for implementing the Troup County Zoning Ordinance, Quality Development Corridor Overlay and Subdivision Regulations in order to keep the County’s long range goals in line with local and state requirements. For more, click here.