Felony Adult Drug Court

The Felony Adult Drug Court program, a program offered by the Troup County Accountability Court, is intended to offer sentencing alternatives to offenders whose offenses are related to drug addiction. This program only serves a certain amount of defendants and is very selective. Therefore, the program will not accept anyone with a current or previous sales, distribution, or intent charge; nor will it accept anyone with a residential burglary charge, sex crime, or violent offense. Only defendants with an addiction to drug(s), which has led them to commit offenses, are eligible for the program, and they must be citizens of the United States.

The Felony Adult Drug Court program is an 18-month minimum program based on effort in the areas of education, treatment, and lifestyle changes. Participants are required to attend several meetings weekly, including an intensive counseling program. In addition, participants are required to submit to drug tests at least twice per week, attend court before the Honorable Superior Court Judge Emory Palmer twice per month, and obtain employment and/or GED. Requirements are lessened as participants achieve good standing and demonstrate success in other areas. There is a monthly participant fee of $150.00.

Failure to comply with the rules of the program can result in jail time, community service, residential rehabilitation, or dismissal. Participants dismissed as unsuccessful will be sentenced or revoked. Participants must be willing to sign a contract stating that they are willing and committed to follow the program as it is designed.

***To apply for participation in DUI/Drug Court, contact Denise Smith at +706 883 2165 or denise.smith@troupco.org.***