Family Treatment Court

The Family Treatment Court, a program offered by the Troup County Accountability Court, is intended to address the epidemic of abused and neglected children who face the dilemma of having substance-abusing parents. The goal of the program is to ensure the safety and health of children who have experienced the unsettling reality of substance abuse through no fault of their own.

The program is designed to prevent unnecessary foster care placement of children and ensure an expedited return to a safe, stable drug-free home for those children who are in foster care. The program works to provide these parents the opportunity to receive the services and treatment they need to move forward in order to improve their quality of life and ensure the safety and well-being of their children.

Participants who voluntarily enter the 18-24 month-long program are required to appear in court twice monthly before the honorable Judge Michael Key, attend intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment and life skills training classes, and submit to random and frequent drug screens.

***To apply for participation in Family Treatment Court, contact Denise Smith at +706 883 2165 or***